Parkside Hot Air Blower Heat Gun


A little while ago, I came across this originally on eBay and I bought it the moment I saw it.  The Parkside hot air blower heat can is excellent for:

  • Stripping Paint
  • Removing Varnish
  • Wood Staining
  • Smoothing
  • (and, according to my wife, drying her nail paint)

Unlike other economy brands, the Parkside hot air blower does NOT overheat when used properly.  I still wouldn’t recommend continued use of this tool, but would recommend to take a minute or two break every 8 to 10 minutes in order to let it cool down a little.

Additionally, due to the ergonomic positioning of the on / off switch and the superb hand grip design, this tool is suitable for both left and right handed people.

The original hot air blower is available with three inter-changeable attachments.

Parkside Multi-Purpose

Excellent for sawing, cutting, scraping and sanding, the parkside multi-purpose tool comes with:

  • 1 metal segment blade
  • 2 plunge cut saw blades
  • 1 scraper blade
  • 1 delta sanding pad
  • 18 sanding sheets

parkside_multi_purposeThe incredibly flexible tool attachments can be inserted at a variety of angles.  With a hex key which is also included, changing the multi-purpose tools couldn’t be easier.
Designed with ergonomic ingenuity for people who use either left or right hands and a connection for external dust extraction.

The manufacturer also provide a three year guarantee.

Parkside 24V Cordless Hammer Drill

parkside_24v_cordless_hammer_drillParkside tools may be economical, but they lack nothing compared to the expensive brand names.

The Parkside 24V cordless hammer drill has the following specification.

  • Versatile cordless drill with powerful hammer action
  • 13mm keyless chuck with spindle lock for quick and easy tool change
  • 2-speed gearbox (rpm): 0 – 500 & 0 – 1800
  • 16 torque settings
  • Max. torque (Nm): 35
  • Max. drilling depth (mm): metal – 13, masonry – 15 and wood – 30
  • Integrated spirit level
  • Fast charging time (mins): 90
  • Ergonomic grip and rubberised side handle (left/right mounted) for extra control when drilling
  • Supplied in a robust carry case
  • Includes 2 bits

Additional review for Parkside Tools:

This drill from Parkside really lacks nothing but a known brand name.  Suitable for every job, big or small, this power tool from Parkside gets the job done.  From experience, whether you need a hammer drill or regular use, this is ideal for drilling into metal, masonry and wood.  With an integrated spirit level, this ensures that the drilling is accurate and straight.

When most drills require a 24 hour charge, the Parkside drill only requires a 90 minute fast charge.